The Splendid Seasonality of Beer: Spring Reviews


Instead of running around New York City trying to find various spring beers, I decided to keep it simple and pick up seven beers at two of my favorite haunts: Noble Grains on the Upper East Side and Astoria Bier and Cheese in Queens.  All of the beers should be easy to find using BeerMenus if you’re interested in trying any for yourself.  Keep in mind that my patented “How Spring Is It?” rating doesn’t necessarily reflect how I much I actually like the beer.  The rating system is more about whether I feel the beer matches the characteristics of spring rather than how good it is.  And now without further ado, let the 1st Annual Splendid Spring Seasonal Beer Reviews commence! Continue reading “The Splendid Seasonality of Beer: Spring Reviews”

The Splendid Seasonality of Beer: Spring Edition

image_26370400080_oA few years ago, my girlfriend and I joined our first CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture group).  The premise is pretty simple: pony up money at the beginning of the year and get a weekly allocation of local, fresh produce.  The vegetables from our weekly CSA pickup became the focus of our meals instead of the staples we picked up from the grocery store. Cooking with ingredients as they came into season allowed us to play around with different recipes and flavor profiles.  On top of being super fresh, everything tasted phenomenal.

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Honest Hard Working Beer: A Visit to Catskill Brewing

My dad purchased land in the Catskills in 1974 when he was 22.  Four years later, he and my mom finished building a home up there.  Even though I was born and raised in Brooklyn, that home in the Catskills became an integral part of my life.  In between learning how to wire a gazebo for electricity and proper chainsaw technique, I would traipse all over our property and that of our neighbors with my sister naming all the landmarks we found.  It was a sanctuary that we rarely left when we visited except to pick up groceries at Pecks or supplies at Agway.  Recently, Katie thought it would be fun to check out the surrounding area of which I knew very little. I was initially hesitant because I was so used to staying in our bubble up there, but eventually agreed as long as a brewery could be one of our first stops. 

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